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Electrical Permit

  1. Permit fees are based on the cost of the work

  2. Job Cost

    $0.00 to $100.00
    $101.00 to $500.00
    $501.00 to $1,000.00
    $ 1,001.00 and over

  3. Fee

    $100.00 plus $ 3.00 per each $1,000.00 or any fraction thereafter

  4. Subject Property is identified as:

  5. Residential

  6. Commercial

  7. Job Specifications

  8. Size of Mains, Amperage

  9. Number of Circuits

  10. NOTE : Two inspections are required - a ROUGH IN inspection and a FINAL INSPECTION. It is the obligation of the applicant to notify the TOWN at least 24 hours in advance of when the work is ready to schedule the inspections. To schedule an inspection call 866-5051. The Inspector will contact Bangor Hydro following inspection. Applicant certifies that all the above information is correct, and the all work will be performed in compliance with applicable Codes and Ordinances.

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