Notice! April 14th Public Hearing on Capital Budget postponed to May 12 Council Meeting, 7PM.
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Town of Orono

Planning and Economic Development
Photo of Orono Maine
Part of the Orono Land Trust trail system
Photo of Orono Maine
The Stillwater River dam
Photo of Orono Maine
An overhead view of the flagship University of Maine campus




The Planning and Economic Development Office provides Orono with comprehensive land-use planning services and advises the Planning Board and Town Council on all development matters.  We welcome the opportunity to help applicants and citizens understand requirements for moving through local subdivision and site plan reviews.   

The Office routinely looks for opportunities for economic development and redevelopment; to maintain the rural character of outlying parts of Town; and to protect the environmental quality of the community.  It works with the University of Maine, the Orono Village Association, the Orono Economic Development Corporation, and others to create an environment in which the University, Downtown, and businesses can grow.

Follow the Update of Orono's Comprehensive Plan

Take an on-line survey!  Help the Comprehensive Plan Committee with a few specific issues (property maintenance, student homes, climate change). Any time before Friday, March 16! 

The Comprehensive Plan Committee's 5th Public Forum will be Thursday, March 27, 2014, 6 p.m., Town Council Chambers.  All welcome.  The Committee is looking for advice on several key policies and strategies on natural resources, transportation, recreational facilities, and other municipal services.  Look here for a detailed draft of proposed policies and actions on these and other topics.