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Town of Orono

Planning and Economic Development
Photo of Orono Maine
The Orono Town Office during the Holidays
Photo of Orono Maine
Orono's Monument Square, circa 1908
Photo of Orono Maine
Part of the Orono Land Trust trail system



Proposed Amendments to Land Use Ordinance

STUDENT HOMES:  The Town Council is reviewing a proposal to define and regulate "student homes" and a related moratorium on the creation of new "student homes" in zoning districts zoned primarily for single- and two-family dwellings.  Before considering any formal proposals, the Council will take public comments at its regular business meeting on Monday, Oct. 20, 7 p.m., on whether there is a need for a moratorium on "student homes."

Press release regarding "student homes"

Amendment defining student homes and requiring permit (draft proposal, not yet under formal consideration)

Proposed moratorium ordinance for student homes (draft proposal, not yet under formal consideration)

NOISE ORDINANCE: The Town Council will be considering amendments to the Noise Ordinance.  Among other things, the amendments will bring the ordinance up to date with existing zoning districts.

Proposed amendments to Noise Ordinance - draft for review by Town Council

Orono Comprehensive Plan

The Town's Comprehensive Plan describes Orono -- its population, economy, housing, natural resources and services -- and its vision for the future. The Comprehensive Plan was adopted in January 1998 and amended in October 2001.  It was further amended in March 2009 when the Town Council adopted major changes to the Forestry & Agriculture District of the Town.  The Comprehensive Plan is consistent with the standards of Maine's Growth Management Act.

An update of the Comprehensive Plan is now underway. To follow the progress of the Comprehensive Plan, click here.

Land Use Ordinance

Orono's Land Use Ordinance is Chapter 18 of the Town's Code of Ordinances.  It includes townwide zoning (Article IV), general performance standards (Article V), site plan review (Article VI), subdivision review (Article VII), floodplain management (Article VIII), and shoreland zoning (Article IX).

Zoning Map

Orono's Zoning Map was last amended by the Town Council effective December 13, 2010. 

Regional Planning Efforts

Orono is a member of the Bangor Area Comprehensive Transportation System (BACTS), which sets priorities for transportation improvements in the Bangor Metro area.

Orono was one of 12 communities in the Penobscot Valley to work with the Trust for Public Lands on a regional open space plan.  TPL used its "greenprinting" system -- a combination of citizen participation, scientific analysis, and a geographic information system -- to prepare the plan, The Penobscot Valley Community Greenprint , and a related, interactive web map.